Entry #1

You wanna know what bugs ME the most?

2008-03-30 12:23:56 by Omhatoen

I think that other Flash Artists can agree with me on this one.

Over the years I've spent on Newgrounds (yes, before this account), I've discovered that alot of people on here "bitch" alot, saying stuff like "this sucks" or "make another episode now! i command you!11". That personally offends me, mates. I just don't like how people can talk like that. So, i visit their userpages. And guess what I find? NOTHING. No flash, no news posts, NOTHING. I don't like people who've never touched flash for a second see a video and vote a "0" on it, and say stuff like "man this sucks! even my grandma can make shit better than this!". Look asshole, you don't understand HOW hard flash is. It may be easy to some, but not everyone. I've been working with Flash 8 MX my whole life basically, and it's still hard. My profession is Sprites, cause that's easier than drawing (to me). And when I make a movie that took me a few days to make and I think it's good, there's always one jerk-off out of the whole group who posts something saying stuff like "man, this sucks. you executed it well, but everything else SUCKS. 0/5 and 0/10.". That just doesn't make sense to me, at all. I then check out there profile, to see if THEY have done any flash at all. If they haven't, I say stuff like "You really don't have room to talk. If you haven't made flash, then you don't know how hard it can be. so just stfu and download a 30 day free trial and see for yourself how hard it can be. it may seem easy at first, then it starts getting harder.".

So basically, i just don't like people who gripe and complain and BITCH about my flashes when THEY HAVEN'T EVEN TOUCHED FLASH IN THEIR WHOLE LIVES! It just frustrates me....

That's all....If you feel the same way, post. If you disagree, post. I'll respond to everything.


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2008-03-30 12:54:23

Agreed. I've spoken about this in one of my earlier blogposts as well. I've learned to not let it affect me though.

Omhatoen responds:

Thank you for agreeing :D
I let it affect me, and I don't let it. I just haven't let it all out yet, and I just did. So, I guess I'm over it now. It just bugs me that people think that flash is easy, when they have NO IDEA on what the fuck they're talking about.