Damn you Spring Break, DAMN YOU! >:(

2008-03-30 23:11:48 by Omhatoen

This fucking sucks!

Spring Break already went by for our High School (gay!), and tomorrow we have to go to school :(. I can't skip, otherwise I have to take Semester Tests (like, 5 days!?!). Fucking GAY. SUCKS. BALLS. Like Betty! LOL!

Anyways, I've quit ALL OF MY OTHER PROJECTS and I'm beginning anew on the Madness series I'm making; yes, RcR is still in the works, but not currently. By the end of this week, I'll have the first episode out. It's great! IT has:
-Great Animation
-Kill Count (Exciting!)
-My own unique characters (They may not seem *unique* to you, but the guy in black is supposedly ME! MUHAHAHAHAW!)

But yeah, be expecting it and to have 5 orgasms in a ROW over it! Nah, it's not going to be THAT GOOD; Nothing but Pamela Anderson's Tits are! ROFL!

But yeah, RcR #5 and my RcR Collab ideas are still out there, in a misty pond somewhere in England.... If anyone wants to join my RcR Collab, contact me via comment(s) or PM(ing)! I will put you down! Here's the rules again, in case you've forgotten:

FPS- 12
LENGTH- 10 to 30 seconds
Anything Else, Maestro?- Yes! Okay, make your winning character from River City Ransom come out from the left side of the screen, the LEFT SIDE! After the whoop the shite out of another random RcR character you've chosen, make YOUR CHARACTER LEAVE THE SCREEN TO THE RIGHT! So then it can be like an escalator, the animation doesn't stop flowing, get it?

Now, if you have ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS about ANYTHING, PM me or just comment.

btw, Spring break is OVER! FUCKING SUCKS!
Peace out!


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